The West Coast Rovers Guide to Proper Fluids for Your Vehicle

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The automotive professionals at West Coast Rovers would like to give LAKE FOREST motorists an update on some of the things happening in automotive fluids. You know, cars are becoming more sophisticated everyday – and fluids such as, oil, coolant and transmission fluid are becoming more specialized at about the same pace.

The Irvine do-it-yourselfer has to be pretty careful so that they do not actually harm their minivan with the wrong type of fluid. That is why so many CA car owners rely on the advice of their thoughtful West Coast Rovers service specialist to not only get the correct family of fluids, but to suggest the formulation that is best for their car and their driving habits in the LAKE FOREST area.

Let’s start with engine oil. Laguna Niguel motorists who have been paying attention, will have noticed a number of new oil weights on the CA scene in the last several years. Modern engines are built to much tighter tolerances and have very complicated valve trains. The oil must be thin enough to lubricate complicated parts when the engine is cold. The weight of an oil is expressed in terms like 20-W-50 or 5-W-30. The car makers recommend the weight of oil for each vehicle they make. The recommendation is based on engine design. Your LAKE FOREST service center will know what weight your vehicle manufacturer recommends – and it’s important to follow those recommendations. Your service professional at West Coast Rovers can also offer suggestions for special formulations and can tell you all about conventional and synthetic oils.

 or engine coolant, is another area that has become more complicated. For a long time, car makers only recommended a couple of different types of coolant. Now, several different formulations are needed because of the high-tech materials that automobile manufacturers are using to build the cooling system. Using the wrong type of coolant in your minivan or other vehicle can actually void your warranty, so it’s essential to get that right.

Transmission fluid is becoming specialized for LAKE FOREST vehicles as well. New transmission designs have particular requirements that require specific formulations. Recently, new, somewhat confusing, standards for brake fluid have also been released.

Not too long ago, there was a good chance that all of the vehicles at your LAKE FOREST house would use many of the same fluids. However, as automotive technology advances, the array of basic automotive fluids CA car owners need will grow. And, some of the formulations will cost a little more for LAKE FOREST drivers. Fortunately, West Coast Rovers will continue to update their training to keep pace with technology so that you’ll get the right fluids your car needs. It’s all part of the commitment we make to your driving peace of mind.

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